Protecting your digital identity is as important as ever, but it can be difficult. Motiv Ring has built a simple solution so you can safeguard the information in your online accounts. Whether it’s your email, online shopping, or finances, your identity will be safe while you’re wearing your Motiv Ring.

Motiv Ring now provides new, easy-to-use security features to protect your online identity.

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2-Step Verification

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Your Motiv Ring acts as an added layer of security that only requires a simple gesture to activate. With features focused on activity, sleep, heart rate -- and now, security -- Motiv Ring delivers a 24/7 experience and makes better online security an easy part of your daily routine.

Motiv Ring’s enhanced security features deliver even greater peace of mind.

Biometric data is considered the most secure way of protecting your information as it makes it even harder for others to gain unauthorized access.
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The way you walk (your gait) is unique to you. With Motiv’s patented WalkID, as you are going about your day, Motiv Ring will use your movement to verify your identity, providing an extra layer of security when you log into your accounts.

Fingerprint + Facial Identification

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If you’d prefer an alternative additional level of security, you’ll also have the option of requiring authentication via fingerprint identity or facial recognition utilizing the fingerprint scanner or camera on your phone, or requiring a PIN or passcode, in order to use the Motiv app.

Passwordless Login

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Major companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are working to make passwordless logins available for your online accounts via what’s called WebAuthn. As WebAuthn becomes available across the web, you will be able to use your Motiv Ring to log into your accounts more securely and conveniently—without a password.

24/7 Smart Ring

Motiv Ring now delivers even more convenience and information to you 24 hours of your day, 7 days a week.
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  • We recommend that you order a Sizing Set prior to purchasing a ring to ensure maximum comfort and accuracy. Note, Motiv Ring sizes are a little different than traditional ring sizes.
  • The Sizing Set is a simple three-step process: order a Sizing Set, find your Motiv Ring size, and return to our website to order your Motiv Ring.
  • The cost of the Sizing Set will be credited towards your purchase of a Motiv Ring (not including shipping)
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