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Your Health at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re out for a run or running errands, Motiv Ring automatically measures all the metrics you care about and helps you set goals and track your progress.

Track Your Health at a Glance

Motiv Ring tracks your Active Heart Rate to give you a clear picture of the benefit or impact of your workouts.
Motiv Ring tracks all of your activity— from the first steps of your commute to the hardest workouts.
Motiv Ring automatically detects when you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning, no action required.
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Track Fitness, Not Steps

For proven benefits like preventing heart disease and stroke and improving overall cardiovascular health, science says you need to get your heart rate up - not just count your steps to the fridge.
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Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

Your days aren’t the same, so your goals shouldn’t be either. Motiv Ring adjusts your daily targets based on your progress towards your weekly goal—kind of like rollover minutes.

Motiv Ring Has You Covered

Forget dragging your phone on a hike or run, Motiv Ring has three days of onboard memory and will automatically sync your data with your Motiv App when you get home.
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24/7 Smart Ring

Motiv Ring now delivers even more convenience and information to you 24 hours of your day, 7 days a week.
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  • We recommend that you order a Sizing Set prior to purchasing a ring to ensure maximum comfort and accuracy. Note, Motiv Ring sizes are a little different than traditional ring sizes.
  • The Sizing Set is a simple three-step process: order a Sizing Set, find your Motiv Ring size, and return to our website to order your Motiv Ring.
  • The cost of the Sizing Set will be credited towards your purchase of a Motiv Ring (not including shipping)
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